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August 31, 2012 / Laura Pasquini

Getting #ugstJOUR Digitally Connected


In today’s class we are going to talk about how to develop your digital identity using WordPress and Twitter. We’ll talk about what it means to be connected as a learner to help discover your major/career interests and support you during your academic career and beyond. For those of you who need the “HOW TO” guides, be sure to check out “About UGST 1000-03” page on this blog.


  • DESIGN: Finish setting up your Twitter account & WordPress (WP) blog – email Laura with BOTH accounts before 5 pm on Saturday (9/1)! Complete your profile on both accounts, set up your WP theme, follow the class blog.
  • CREATE: WP Post #1: Introduce Yourself – in minimum 350 words, please take a minute to introduce yourself to the class. Include at ONE (1) photo of you and at least ONE (1) photo of your interests or something that reflects who you are.
  • PRESENT: Due: “Just Google It” Assignment – Each student will draw a name of someone in the class and asked to “Google” and search to learn more about them. In class, on 9/5 you will be required to give a 2 minute introduction of that person. Hint: Be sure to check out the Blog Roll on this website & READ their introduction post, too. 🙂
  • OTHER: If you have NOT completed the Student Information Survey please do so ASAP. 

Here’s a quick 101 to developing your digital presence online:



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