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September 26, 2012 / Laura Pasquini

Week 5: RTN Project & “HOW TO” Embed into WordPress

Who will YOU Interview for the Roadtrip Nation Project?

Here are a few suggestions for the ONE (1) professional each that you will interview for the Roadtrip Nation (RTN) group project [the group is welcome to interview more than 3 people if there are other professional interests]. HINT: You  may want to find this person NOW since proposals with scheduled interview dates/times/locations are DUE in-class October 15th, 2012:

  • Referred by someone you know – ask your parents, relatives, friends, past/current instructors, past employers, student organizations connections, UNT alumni office, Career Center events, Mentor Match database
  • Be resourceful – flip through magazines, surf the Internet, read the newspaper, watch a TV show, check credits of movies, CDs or books
  • Be an investigator – attend & talk to professionals at the industry days or career fairs, check out company websites, research local organizations, identify the industry of interest

Asking for Interviews

The Cold Call

Be polite and informative to the professional, or their administrative assistants

  • Never call on a Monday.
  • Avoid leaving a voicemail until necessary.
  • Leave a succinct message.
  • Be patient. They may not call back right away.
  • Know when to give up!
  • Avoid the PR and human resources departments.
  • Follow up ASAP!

Email: Instead of calling, you may opt to send an email. Keep in mind that the response might be slower or even go to spam. If you do write an email, please ensure that it is professional, is from your UNT e-mail address, and details the goal of your project. Be sure to include:

  1. Introduction: How you found the person
  2. Second Paragraph: You story
  3. Third Paragraph: What you want (and don’t want)
  4. Closing: Specific meeting request

The Pitch

You should WRITE THIS DOWN to be prepared what to say:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Say who referred you or how you got his or her number.
  • Explain your situation – the Roadtrip Nation Project
  • State your request.
  • Be clear that you’re not asking for a job.


The Response

If they accept or decline, please be sure to respond with a thank you message within 24-48 hours of their response. If they accept, be sure to confirm the time, day and location for your interview. Here are suggested meeting options:

  • Wednesday, Thursdays or Fridays
  • Lunchtime
  • Late-afternoon coffee
  • The twenty-minute meeting at their office or place of work


Marriner, M. & Gebhard, N. (2006). Roadtrip Nation: A guide to discovering your path in life. New York: Ballentine Books.


Roadtrip Nation Groups

  1. Liz, Lauren, Lindsey
  2. Cheyenne, Jeff, Jenna
  3. Isaac, DJ, Amber
  4. Isabel, Anna, Ivan
  5. Cal, Shelby, Savannah
  6. Andrew, Jake, Nicole
  7. Celeste, Rachael, Astara
  8. Camara, Melody, Theresa

For your Major/Career Family Tree Assignment that is DUE: TONIGHT (9/26) at 11 pm CDT: If you need to know how “HOW TO” embed either a PowerPoint or Prezi into your WordPress blog, here are a couple of helpful resources.

[YES! I do want you to EMBED these presentations into your WP blogs, not just provide the website or hyperlink.]

  1. HOW TO:  Upload a PPT into WordPress => Uploading Documents — Support —
  2. HOW TO:  Embed a Prezi into WordPress – YouTube VIDEO [Hint: HTML tab = “Text” tab in WordPress]
  3. Check out OTHER #ugstJOUR Class Blogs & Contact your friends — a few have already figured out how to post a Prezi and/or PPT


  • COMPLETE:  The Major/Career Family Tree: Start small. Find at least FIVE(5) members of your family or close family friends to interview about their career/major path. You will create a visual of your family tree – mindmapPrezi, etc – to share with the class in a WP blog post.  This is DUE TONIGHT (9/26) at 11 pm CDT. Please be sure to answer the following questions:
    1. What was their major and/or academic background/training?
    2. What is their job title, and what activities do they do on a regular day of work?
    3. What do they like about their job?
    4. What do they wish was different about it?
    5. How did they start doing this job/choose this job?
    6. What other careers/jobs have they had in their life?
    7. Why did they stop doing each of those?
    8. What makes a job interesting to them?
    9. What about a job leads one to be happy?
    10. If they could not do the profession/job they currently are doing, what would they choose instead?
  • TWEET: Your Team Name & designated hashtag for Friday’s Campus Scavenger Hunt by 11 pm CDT TONIGHT!
  • ATTEND: Have you signed up for a Learning Center Workshop? Check out the Learning 101 Seriesthe Study Skills Lab or other helpful support programs offered. This assignment is DUE by October 22/12 and you must write a 350 word WP blog post about your experience at the Learning Center workshop, what you learned, and how you will apply that to your own course work/study habits this semester.

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