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October 10, 2012 / Laura Pasquini

Week 7: Reading in College & Getting Involved

Don’t try to tackle assigned readings in textbooks or online as you would a novel or Facebook post. There are many reading myths and methods to consider. Instead, take the following approach to each chapter or individual reading assignment:

  • Read the Introduction and the Summary. Consider this a preview of the topics you will encounter. They also provide an overview of what you are expected to understand by chapter’s end.
  • Ask questions about the reading and try to answer them as you go along. Turn the topics mentioned in the Introduction into questions and refer to them as you go along.
    • Tip: Jot these questions down in the margins of the book, in a notebook you keep on readings, a file on your computer, or on stickies placed in appropriate sections within the chapter so they are handy as references. You should find the answers as you progress through the reading. If not, read the section again looking for what you missed. If you have difficulty understanding anything from the reading, be sure to make a note of it and ask for clarification during lecture or recitation.
  • Look for visual clues. Bold print, underlining, bullets, font size, color, and type placement are often used to draw your attention to key principles and concepts. Illustrations, charts, diagrams, and their captions are equally important. For example, Biology textbooks tend to be illustrated colorfully; the photos and diagrams often can clarify concepts better than the text itself.
  • Recall and Recite. After each section of required reading (following the steps above), stop for a minute. Close the textbook and do not look at your notes. Ask yourself the questions you created after reading the preview. If you cannot answer them correctly or completely, reread the section and try again.
  • Review. Reread the introduction and summary sections. Do your questions, and, most importantly, the answers come immediately to mind? They should. If they don’t, review the section again and consider taking more complete notes.

In class on Friday (10/12), we will have a Student Panel on Majors & Getting Involved at UNT – here is who is coming to class:

Raven Dickerson

I am a senior Social Work major with a minor in English and Certificate in Nonprofit Management graduating in December 2012. I currently work as the Sr. Career Peer Advisor at the UNT Career Center. I am also the Teach For America Campus Campaign Coordinator on our campus. I have been involved in organizations such as, Green Jackets, Nonprofit Leadership Student Association, Big Event Board, and SGA.

Sosin Shogar

My name is Sosin Shogar.  I am a senior 4-8th science and ESL education major graduating in May 2013.  I am currently a Career Peer Advisor at the UNT career Center.  I involved in the TRIO program and SSS.

Blessing Wokocha

I am a junior transfer student to UNT.  I currently work as a Career Peer Advisor at the UNT Career Center. I’m part of Sigma Phi Lambda sorority, and I attend Bible Studies through Christian Students and Chi Alpha. I also work with NTTV as the camera woman for the Nightly News, and I’m  a cast member of The Powerful Half-Hourful.

Leeanna Castro

I am a senior Speech-Language Pathology major and Spanish minor graduating in December 2012. I currently work as a Career Peer Advisor at the UNT Career Center. I am also the Legends Hall Association President,  member of the Cancer Ambassadors, member of a professional organization NSSLHA, involved in my church choir, and I Studied Abroad in Spain for a part of this summer.

Matthew Mendoza

I’m a senior biology major with a concentration in neuroscience graduating May 2014. I currently work as a Career Peer Advisor at the UNT Career Center. I am also a McNair Scholar, a member of Delta Sigma Phi, NT40, Order of Omega, and Beta Beta Beta. I have been involved in IFC and the Sophomore Ambassador program at the Career Center.

Avery Davis (@_averyelizabeth)

Off campus I have been working for Build-A-Bear Workshop as a Master Bear-Builder for 5 years. On campus I am a peer mentor & a teaching assistant for a professor in the digital retailing curriculum.
I am a member of the National Retail Federation Student Association, treasurer of the College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism International student organization, and treasurer and Public Relations. committee chair for the Phi Sigma Pi Delta Kappa Chapter. I am a senior double majoring in Digital Retailing and Merchandising and working on a certification in E-Commerce.

[View the story “Student Panel – Major & Involvement” on Storify]

TWEET: By 11 pm TONIGHT, ONE (1) question for the Student Major & Getting Involved panel => #ugstJOUR: Tweet questions for Friday’s Student Panel. Career, major, getting involved and more! Don’t forget to include the hashtag: #ugstJOUR

ATTEND: Have you signed up for a Learning Center Workshop? Check out the Learning 101 Seriesthe Study Skills Lab or other helpful support programs offered. This assignment is DUE by October 22/12 and you must write a 350 word WP blog post about your experience at the Learning Center workshop, what you learned, and how you will apply that to your own course work/study habits this semester.

CANstruction: Which team do you want to join? Check out the CANstruction blog post to make your decision. We will assign teams in class on Friday.

PROJECT: Roadtrip Nation Project Proposals are DUE on Monday, October 15, 2012 IN CLASS. Be sure you are talking with your group, contacting your professionals, and setting up your interview! Use your resources and things you are learning this week to organize your proposal. Remember the  RTN interview request and set up HINTS from the previous post.

MIDTERM: Your UGST 1000 Midterm has been moved to Friday, October 26, 2012 from 1-1:50 pm. This will take place in the Sage Hall {Room number to be determined} computer labs on the 3rd floor. Make sure you are reading from the College Success textbook as you are responsible for materials covered both in-class and from the textbook.


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