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October 19, 2012 / Laura Pasquini

Week 8: Test Preparation & Dealing with Test Anxiety

In the last class we talked about different types of tests, how to prepare and manage how to test well during the exam. Here are the tips and resources that were shared in class on Wednesday (10/17):

How do I know if I have test anxiety?

Answer these 5 questions YES or NO

  1. Do you know the material well enough when you take a test?
  2. Do you get so anxious during tests that your concentration suffers?
  3. Do you go blank and find yourself unable to recall material you know?
  4. Do you work so fast that you make silly mistakes or misread questions?
  5. Does anxiety often interfere with your performance so much that your grade does not reflect how well you really know the material?

If you answered “Yes” to number one AND “Yes” to any of the others, you may have test anxiety.

WHY NOT ATTEND A WORKSHOP OR CONNECT TO THE LEARNING CENTER FOR HELP?: Have you signed up for a Learning Center Workshop? Check out the Learning 101 Seriesthe Study Skills Lab or other helpful support programs offered. This assignment is DUE by October 22/12 at 11 pm and you must write a 350 word WP blog post about your experience at the Learning Center workshop, what you learned, and how you will apply that to your own course work/study habits this semester.


TEAM PROJECT TODAY: Good luck with CANstruction today!! Don’t forget to TWEET your involvement with the project and updates from today – include pictures, quotes, videos, etc using the #ugstJOUR hashtag. Congrats on your hard work — although your design was last minute, it was very creative => TWEETS & Photos from CANstruction

PROJECT: Roadtrip Nation Project Proposals are DUE on Friday, October 19, 2012 by 5 pm. SEND Laura IN CLASS. Be sure you are talking with your group, contacting your professionals, and setting up your interview! Use your resources and things you are learning this week to organize your proposal. Remember the  RTN interview request and set up HINTS from the previous post.

MIDTERM: Your UGST 1000 Midterm has been moved to Friday, October 26, 2012 from 1-1:50 pm. This will take place in the Sage Hall 331  computer labs on the 3rd floor. Make sure you are reading from the College Success textbook as you are responsible for materials covered both in-class and from the textbook.


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