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October 27, 2012 / Laura Pasquini

Week 9: The Elevator Pitch

In class on Wednesday, Adrienne gave some tips and showed  a few examples of both a BAD and GOOD elevator pitch (30-60 second greeting). Here are a few tips and tricks as you create YOUR elevator pitch, record a video of it and post it to your WordPress blog by Tuesday (10/30) at 11 pm CDT – since this assignment was posted a day late:

For your Elevator Pitch Assignment, please complete the following items:

  1. Draft a short introduction about you! Be sure to include your name, classification, major (if you have an idea about one), where you study, any past interests or current things you are involved in on/off campus, and at least ONE key skills that makes you stand out with an example of that skills in action. This should be a BRIEF 30-60 second introduction that you could give to someone if you happened to be on an elevator with them.  BE CREATIVE!
  2. Record (or find a #ugstJOUR classmate to record) a video with your elevator pitch introduction. Consider what you’re wearing, the lighting, background, film/sound quality, and your appearance (habits, eye-contact, etc) on camera. This might require you to try more than one take.
  3. Once recorded – UPLOAD your Elevator Pitch video to either  YouTube or Vimeo. [If you do not have an account – guess what both are FREE. You may also consider using this video account for your RoadTrip Nation project too. Hint. Hint].
  4. EMBED your video into your WordPress blog post before 11 pm on Tuesday, October 30, 2012.
  5. BONUS: What to create a future Elevator Pitch that you  might give when you are in your Senior year at UNT? Please create, upload and post another blog post with your future self elevator pitch describing things you have been involved in on campus, work experience, talents and skills that you would bring to the table for a potential employer, graduate/professional school admissions, or recruiter in your career field of interest.

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