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October 31, 2012 / Laura Pasquini

Week 10: Say What & Mo’ Money Management

In Monday’s class (10/29), Erin shared some helpful tips on how to talk and e-mail your instructors. The presentation below also provided a number of helpful suggestions for effective essay writing. We also introduced the FINAL PROJECT: Major/Career Paper – DUE Friday, December 7, 2012 at 11:59 am CDT and expectations; however we will see if the UNT Writing Lab can make a guest appearance to discuss what APA and scholarly writing looks like for this final assignment.

Today (10/31) in class Monique from the UNT Student Money Management Center (Chestnut Hall, Suite 313) shared her insights on the value of money and hopefully got you to think about what things are worth, budgeting, and considerations for the future. Effective money management STARTS NOW!

TO DO List – DUE by Friday, November 2nd at 1 pm:

    • NO CLASS:  On Friday, November 2nd, 9th, or 16th – this time is to help you organize, interview, plan and create your RTN projects and also work on your Final Major/Career Research Paper. You’re quite welcome.
    • RESPOND: Give feedback in the comments/reply section of WordPress on AT LEAST two (2) Elevator Pitch video posts to offer comments, kudos or constructive criticism to your #ugstJOUR friends. You can find ALL the Class Blog posts HERE.
    • BLOG: WP Post #10: What did you learn about managing your money today in class? This could be from the class bartering activity, researching the UNT Student Money Management Center website, and/or from reading Chapter 11: Taking Control of Your Finances in our class textbook. All of us could fine tune our money management skills – please identify at least ONE resources and/or workshop you would consider attending to help you from the SMMC in the future.
    • BONUS: If you do attend a SMMC workshop. Please complete a 250 word blog post that describes what you learned in the workshop and resources you will be using in the future to better plan/manage your money BEFORE December 7 , 2012 at 12 noon CDT to get extra credit (Hint: This will be a good option if you missed a blog post, submitted a late assignment or were tardy for class).
    • BONUS (from 10/29): In class on Monday we talked about body language and how you approach others (stance, eye contact, body position, etc) and how  non-verbal cues impact first impressions. For those of you who want to discuss your experience and thoughts on this in a 250 word blog post called “Power Poses.” To help with this response, please watch and reflect on the “Power Poses” video presented by Amy Cuddy. This is due BEFORE Friday, December 7, 2012 at 12 pm CDT.

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