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November 9, 2012 / Laura Pasquini

Week 11: Writing Tips & APA Style

On Wednesday, the UNT Writing Lab stopped by our #ugstJOUR class to talk about their resources and how they can help you improve/enhance your writing. They handed out some APA Citation information, and you are all strongly encouraged to use their tutoring sessions, both online and in person, to help review your final career/research paper (worth 25% of your final grade). Bring at least an outline and/or a few pages (4-10) to your session to get feedback on your writing or discus your paper with a Writing Lab tutor. For more information check out them out in person (AUDB 105) or online:

Here are a few other helpful tips and online resources for you to use in writing and drafting your paper:

Resources for Research

UNT Willis Library, including the UGST 1000 Subject Guide:

UNT Majors Activity

Career Center “Explore a Major”

Links from the Office for Exploring Majors

UNT College/School/departmental advisors

The UNT Catalog


My Next Move website

Resources for Writing and Referencing

APA 6th Edition Guidelines

Son of a Citation Machine

APA Style Blog [How to cite videos, blogs, tweets, podcasts and more!]


  • POST: Wellness Lesson Plan – Post on BOTH Your & Your Partner’s Blog. Please include the blog prompt, embedded videos and/or PPTs, and your learning object by 11 pm TODAY (11/9)/
  • TWEET: Using the #ugstJOUR hashtag let us know in 140 characters or less: How do you make a decision? What is the process you go through? Please TWEET your reply by TODAY at 11 pm CDT.
  • RESPOND: You will respond to the next person below YOU on the #ugstJOUR blog list – BLOG RESPONSES due by Monday, November 12th at 11 pm CDT. Everyone will respond to one of the Wellness Lesson Plan blog posts. Your response will be on YOUR OWN WordPress blog. Please be sure to reference the Wellness Lesson include a hyperlink to the post you are referring to IN YOUR RESPONSE blog post. These responses must be 250 words minimum, and can include any media (video, images, etc) that best support the reflection for this lesson.
  •  RESEARCH: Why not get started on your research for your final paper now. It’s due December 7, 2012. 🙂

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