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November 12, 2012 / Laura Pasquini

Week 12: Critical Thinking & Making Decisions

In today’s class we talked about aspects of critical thinking and making effective decisions from the College Success – Chapter 3. In discussing how you make decisions individually and groups, we were able to identify some strategies for the decision making process and also consider how we apply our thinking to what we read, write and discuss. Hopefully some of what we discussed will help you consider your major/career decisions, and think about how you are applying different thinking skills in your UNT course work.

Decision-Making Steps

  • Define the problem
  • Narrow the problem
  • Generate possible solutions
  • Choose the best solution


  • BLOG RESPONSE: To Wellness Lessons Created by your #ugstJOUR Classmates – 250 word response to the lesson plans, DUE Tonight (11/12) at 11 pm CDT.
  • PROJECT:  Remember – there is NO CLASS on Friday (11/16) in order to give you time compile your Roadtrip Nation interview information, finalize your presentation, and create your handout/resources which are DUE on Wednesday, November 21st at 12 noon. Please be sure to follow up with your instructors if you have questions – this should be done either after class or via a scheduled appointment.
  • BLOG: Time for you to reflect about how you think critically, and evaluate information that is posted online. Let’s apply your critical thinking skills using Bloom’s Thinking Taxonomy and Thinking Verbs (handout given in class) to a 200 word blog post as you reflect on the content of the Did You Know? 3.0 Video. What do you think about the facts presented in this video? How will some of these concepts impact your future major/career decisions? What questions or thoughts do you have after watching this video? Where might you go learn about more information about the facts presented in this video that are relevant to you?  This post is DUE before we meet on Wednesday (11/14) for class at 1 pm CDT.

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