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November 16, 2012 / Laura Pasquini

Week 12: Roadtrip Nation Group Project Checklist

Since your Roadtrip Nation (RTN) group project submissions are DUE next Wednesday (11/21) by 11:59 am CDT to the Blackboard Dropbox – we thought it would help to post the “must include” and plan for check list for the presentation, resource handout and expectations for the project. If you are any questions or issues with this, please contact BEFORE this deadline. In class on Monday (11/19) we will draw for order of presentations when we return from Thanksgiving break.

DUE: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 via the UGST 1000.003 Blackboard Dropbox

What to submit as TEAM:

1. The Presentation: This will be a PowerPoint OR a Word Document with the Prezi, YouTube or other website links
-For EACH interviewee there should be slides the actual presentation that you will give in class. Each GROUP will be given 25 minutes to present ALL THREE (3) interviews:

Presentations should include:

  • Pictures and/or video into the presentation
  • Overview the field/industry this professional works in
  • Describe the major/career path this professional took
  • Explain what values, personality and skills led to the professional’s success
  • Leave time for Q & A at the end

2. The Handout: Fact/Resource Sheet/Summary for #ugstJOUR Class
Each group must provide a brief summary of each interview – ONE (1) page minimum per professional interview. Free to use any format for this handout (bullet points or brief paragraph), and include:

  • The professional contact information (be sure to ASK if you can share this information with our class)
  • Useful websites, student groups, organization &  information about the occupation (See “Exploring a Major” tip sheets on the Career Center website)

3. RTN Proposal (if this changed OR was modified from the original submission) and the Q & A Interviews for each person. Please have a typed copy of the interview questions and answers included in a Word document.

4. Group Peer Evaluation & Process Paper
All students will be given a grade for evaluating the Roadtrip Nation presentations. Each RTN group member will submit a one page process paper that discusses your experience and what you have learned from RTN. This will be due the class period after your group presents.

Other things on your “To Do” List:

  • REFLECT: WP #13: Roadtrip Nation & Group Collaboration: There’s been a lot of collaboration this semester in RTN, your Wellness Lessons and more. What role do you play in a group or on a team? How’s your RTN group doing? What methods do you use to communicate and share effectively. Describe your group work experience a blog post by Monday (11/19) at 11 pm CDT.
  • WP Post #14: What does spirituality mean to you? What is one thing you learned from today’s lesson  or our guest speaker? Reflect in 100 words or less. Due TONIGHT (11/19) at 11 pm CDT.

**Outstanding blog posts for this week will NOT be graded after TODAY (11/16) at 11 pm CDT. Please ensure you are caught up from this week’s blog reflections ASAP**


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