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November 20, 2012 / Laura Pasquini

Week 12: Spirituality & Thanks

Yesterday in class, Jon Barlett, discussed religion and spirituality. His session shared ideas and resources that are at UNT and in the community. Remember to reflect on the class in WordPress Post #14: What does spirituality mean to you? What is one thing you learned from today’s lesson  or our guest speaker? Reflect in 100 words or less. Due TONIGHT (11/20) at 11 pm CDT.  Here are the slides from his session:


  • Final Major/Career Papers: You should already have started on this assignment. Your papers are worth 25% of your final grade and they are DUE Friday, December 7th at 11:59 am CDT. Be sure to check out the UNT Library Guides, and resources posted in the Writing Tips & APA Style blog post from Week #11. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.
  • **Outstanding blog posts for this week will NOT be graded after TODAY (11/21) at 11 pm CDT. Please ensure you are caught up from this week’s blog reflections ASAP**
  • #ugstJOUR Bonus: All submissions for the bonus blog posts will be due on Friday, December 7th at 12 noon CDT. See for more details
  • Roadtrip Nation Group Checklist (All Presentation & Handouts DUE 11/21 by 11:59 am CDT): #4. Group Peer Evaluation & Process Paper TO BE SUBMITTED WITH YOUR GROUP EVALUATION THE NEXT CLASS AFTER YOUR PRESENTATION IS COMPLETE All students will be given a grade for evaluating the Roadtrip Nation presentations. Each RTN group member will submit a one page process paper that discusses your experience and what you have learned from RTN for the following class. This will be given to your instructor AFTER you have completed your RTN presentation.

Here is the list of who is presenting when we return from Thanksgiving break:

Week 14


RTN Presentations:
1. Savannah, Cal, Shelby

2. Cheyenne, Jenna,  Jeff

Week 14


RTN Presentations:
1. Isaac, Amber, DJ

2. Theresa, Melody, Camara

Week 14


RTN Presentations:
1. Andrew, Jake, Nicole

2. Isabel, Anna, Ivan

Week 15


RTN Presentations:
1. Lindsey, Lauren, Liz

2. Celeste, Astara, Rachael


Happy Thanksgiving! We wish you all a relaxing Thanksgiving break. Please enjoy your time with family and friends. We are thankful for all the hard work and effort you have put into the #ugstJOUR class so far, and we know you can finish this semester strong. 🙂


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