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November 29, 2012 / Laura Pasquini

Week 14: #ugstJOUR Grades & Final Assignments

Along with the final Roadtrip presentations this week and next, it is expected that you will participate in your RTN group evaluation/reflection paper and evaluate other #ugstJOUR groups for their efforts this year. This helps to give others an idea about other professionals/major directions, and gives us better grading feedback for this project.


All #ugstJOUR BONUS assignments are DUE due Friday, December 7th before 11:59 AM CDT to your WP blog. Also there is a bonus Learning Community Survey (which is anonymous) to complete posted here:

– to get EXTRA credit for OUR CLASS it must be completed by December 7, 2012 by 12 pm CDT. The purpose of this survey is to gather information about students’ experiences of learning in a learning community.  You have been invited to take this survey because of your participation in a learning community during the Fall 2012 semester.  Your answers will be anonymous and will not be connected to this cover sheet and consent form.  The qualtrics survey asks for their name and their UGST 1000 instructor’s name then sends them to the actual Washington Center survey.  When you enter the survey, please indicate that you are in Learning Community ID #2.

Final Major/Career Research Paper & Support

Your Final Major/Career Research Paper is due Friday, December 7th before 11:59 AM CDT to the UGST 1000.03 Blackboard Learn class site. If it is not submitted by this time there will be NO EXCEPTIONS and it will not be accepted. Please be aware of this, as it is 25% of your final grade in the class.  Be sure to review the draft APA style paper and the paper rubric to ensure that all requirements are met. Feel free to bring a section of your paper to the UNT Writing Lab or peer edit – be sure to APA reference &  CITE your sources as the Turn It In feature will indicate otherwise.  You may also want to EMAIL a copy of your submitted paper to in case Blackboard Learn has an outage at that time.

Both Erin & Laura will be accepting appointments to discuss your paper BEFORE next Friday (12/7). Please contact their advising office to set up an appointment:

Name Laura Pasquini Erin Day
Office Sage Hall 123 GAB 107
Phone 940.565.2457 940.565.3365

#ugstJOUR Grades Posted in Blackboard Learn

Since you will see grades posted on Blackboard, please be aware that these grades are a PERCENTAGE (%) of your final grade. Just as a reminder,  here is the Grade Calculation from the class syllabus of the total grade breakdown. If you have questions, please inquire with your instructors.


Percent of Grade

1-on-1 Advising Meeting 5%
WordPress Blog Posts/Assignments 15%
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 5%
Strong Interest Inventory 5%
Roadtrip Nation Group Project 15%
Midterm Examination 15%
Class Participation/Twitter Contributions 15%
Final Major/Career Research Paper 25%
Total 100%


Letter Grade


A 90%-100%
B 80%-89%
C 70%-79%
D 60%-69%
F 59% and below

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