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December 3, 2012 / Laura Pasquini

Last Week: Final Class & Evaluations

Well.. the end of the semester is here. How was your first semester at UNT? Remember the first day of class? Look at all these bright & shiny faces who started the year with #usgtJOUR.

ugstJOUR class

#ugstJOUR LAST BLOG POST:  #15: Saying goodbye to #ugstJOUR – In a 200 word blog post, reflect on your first semester at UNT. What will be your take-away from this past semester? What are your lessons learned? How have you grown? Do you have a major/career in mind? What’s next?

#ugstJOUR Final Thoughts (FT) Tweet:  Share one thing you will miss about the #ugstJOUR class in 140 characters or less for you Final Thought (FT). All FT’s will be shared during our last class as we celebrate your accomplishments from this past semester in UGST 1000 and at UNT.

LAST #ugstJOUR CLASS: Stay tuned for some fun and goodbyes on Wednesday, December 5th from 1-1:50 pm. There will be treats, awards, and surprises – so SEE YOU THERE!


  1. #ugstJOUR BONUS: All #ugstJOUR BONUS assignments are DUE due Friday, December 7th before 11:59 AM CDT to your WP blog. 
  2. Final Major/Career Research Paper & Support: Your Final Major/Career Research Paper is due Friday, December 7th before 11:59 AM CDT to the UGST 1000.03 Blackboard Learn class site. If it is not submitted by this time there will be NO EXCEPTIONS and it will not be accepted. Please be aware of this, as it is 25% of your final grade in the class.  Submit it through Turn It In AND EMAIL a copy of your submitted paper to .
  3. SETE & #ugstJOUR Evaluations are DUE by Friday, December 7, 2012 by 11:59 pm CDT. To get bonus points for the SETE or the #ugstJOUR Survey, please take a screen shot of the final screen & email Laura to say it is completed. Bonus points will be awarded for both evaluations.  Here is OUR #ugstJOUR Evaluation for UGST 1000.003 You will find the SETE in your portal.

SETE Instructions: 

For those with a mobile device, evaluating your classroom experiences at UNT has never been easier!

1)      Simply pull out your mobile device

2)      Log in to

3)      Click on the SETE icon

4)      Complete your SETE surveys.


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